About KP Images

This site is a showcase for my digital photography. Most of the images were taken either at my farm or the surrounding area over the past few years. I am very partial to sunrises and sunsets, but there are also some scenic shots, as well as images of the wildlife that happens to wander into my yard from time to time. I will also be including images from interesting places in this area, or places that I've traveled to.

You can contact me with any questions or comments by using the form on the contact page.

About Me

KimMy name is Kim Parsell. I live in eastern Ohio on a 12-acre tract of land that's part of a farm that has been in my family since my great-grandparents purchased it in 1908. I'm a fourth-generation landowner on this property.

My grandfather, who built the house that I live in, was also a photographer. When this house was built in 1960, he laid out the basement in such a way that he could have his own darkroom. The room is still pretty much set up the way he had it, but all of his equipment is gone now, except for two things - his Ciroflex TLR camera and an enlarger. I have been fortunate to have prints of most of the images that he took and will, from time to time, feature one of his images on this site.

My other interests, besides photography, include gardening, antiques, and living life "off the beaten path".

Featured Elsewhere

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My Gear

· Fujifilm S100fs (2008-present)
· Fujifilm S9100 (2007-present)
· Canon G9 (2007-present)
· Fujifilm S5000 (2004-2007; retired)
· HP PhotoSmart 315 (2001-2004; retired)
· Fujifilm 22mm Wide-angle Lens (2007)
· Raynox DCR-2020Pro 2.2x Telephoto Lens (2008)
· Velbon CX300 tripod (1996)
· Miscellaneous filters (UV-haze, warming, circular polarizer)

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